Living in an apartment has many advantages over a stand-alone home.

Editorial: The house-owning dream is worth waking up from

Here's something we need to get used to. Unless some startling new land-creating technology is somehow invented, the future of living in New Zealand must involve more apartments. Lots of them. 

Yet the suggestion by one KiwiBuild developer last week that living in an apartment will have a negative impact on your "Kiwiness" struck a chord because it is a truth so many of us hold.

Real home ownership in New Zealand, by and large, does not mean owning a third-storey apartment in downtown Auckland. 

Real home ownership means having your name oN the title of a stand-alone three-bedroom home in a sea of stand-alone three-bedroom homes in a suburb with a good but improving reputation. 

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Credit: Matt Rilkoff, Oct 22 2018 (Stuff)

Raj Khushal