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More details coming soon on this amazing project.


Canvas apartments are located in upper Willis Street, it’s in the heart of the city. Fantastic location. One & two bedroom apartments. Double glazed. Car parking available. Pet friendly. Concrete inter tenancy walls. 100% of current earthquake code. Small complex


Tattoo Apartment building, on Abel Smith Street in Wellington is in a very eclectic area of the city.  The new complex fits into its surroundings, yet stands out from the crowd.  It is intense, but at the same time fun and inviting.

The colours in the mural depict this, which was left to the artist to bring together.  The result is “city art” for everyone and anyone to stand, gaze and deliberate. Whether you love it or hate it: it prompts conversation between those nearby, a permanent canvas for future change.

The inspiration for the mural is fairly contrived: it was the act of entering and exiting a building. The welcomes you receive and the good byes you receive. The artist looked briefly at the use of gargoyles and their ‘intrusive use’ vs ‘purely aesthetic visual use.’  Welcoming creatures instructively beckoning you into the south main entrance and on the north these creatures are leaving in a hurry, for the enjoyment of purely comedic visual aesthetic.

The colours were a response to combining simplicity and visual impact.  The use of simple variants of primary colours allowed the exploration of a large space with elemental restrictions, while working with the infinite possibilities with mixing each.  This mural is a good example of continuity despite scale, as well as maximum impact, despite restrictions in the colour palette.

Wellington on a good day_016.JPG